Wiltshire Farm Foods – Taste Magazine

Content creation and development of a lifestyle magazine for Wiltshire Farm Foods customers. 

In 2019, we took over the Taste Magazine project for Wiltshire Farm Foods. The magazine is free for customers nationwide – an audience of men and women, aged 80-years’-old and above 

To establish and promote Wiltshire Farm Foods’ brand personality (beyond their food and delivery service), we aimed to connect with their customers by providing relevant content that is interesting, playfulnostalgic, and whenever possible, maintaining the connection to the Wiltshire Farm Foods brand.  

Our strategy to ensure customers engage and look forward to seeing each issue of Taste started by giving it a new look and making it editorial-led – a ‘proper’ magazineWe explored the introduction of more colours from the Wiltshire Farm Foods brand guidelines and palette and made sure the magazine became as visually engaging as possible, with the use of strong, relevant imagery and illustrations throughout.  

The content creation and development of each issue takes into consideration the season it’s being published, and we ensure the articles are relevant to the readers, by bringing them nostalgia-related articles (the good old days), interviews with celebrities they’re familiar with and can relate to, puzzles and games, and lifestyle/trending articles 

We’ve interviewed celebrities such as William ‘Bill’ Roache, of Coronation Street fame, John Challis, aka ‘Boycie’ from Only Fools and Horses, and several others!  

The most recent issue also included an interview with none other than Colonel Tom Moore! It was an honour and a privilege to have such a prestigious figure featured – we’re still in awe at just how much money he was able to raise by walking the 100 laps of his garden!

To ensure the Taste Magazine is engaging and ‘reader-centric’, we encourage customers to write with their feedback and stories and contribute to content generation. Many of the customers love to write in with stories and comments anyway, but we always actively encourage them to do so whether by means of competitions, or simply asking their opinions on the articles published in a certain issue.