University Hospitals Bristol and Weston

University Hospitals Bristol and Weston held an Admin Recruitment Open Day on the 1st of September 2022. With over 200 administration vacancies to fill across the Trust, UHBW came to us to ask for help to get the word out about the open day.

Whilst at SBW we run recruitment campaigns for our NHS clients every day, these typically focus on clinical and medical recruitment. This campaign however, had a different goal. As many people don’t think of administration jobs when they think of NHS Trusts, we needed to create a campaign that showed people why the jobs outside of the clinical world was also important.

Our aim was to come up with a creative that spoke to everyone, especially people who perhaps would not think of UHBW as the first place to go to look for administrative roles. We wanted the creative to explain how everyone working at an NHS Trust matter, even the people working behind the scenes, answering the phones and creating the Excel spreadsheets.

Our Approach

We ran a digital campaign for UHBW, which included a Facebook campaign, as well as our very first Fonemedia campaign, which uses mobile targeting to reach the right audience through placing banners online across relevant sites. We created both static visuals for the digital campaign, and also created an animation in the same style, which was used to spread the word about the open day, but also had longevity as we knew that UHBW were struggling with the vast amount of admin vacancies they had to fill.

We created an overarching look and feel for the campaign, which used bright colours to catch the attention of an audience and stand out from other recruitment ads. The visuals we created used a juxtaposition of medical objects with administrative objects, to highlight to potential candidates that their administration skills were just as important as the medical skills of the clinical team. We wanted to highlight that working in admin was helping to keep the Trust running, and ultimately, like the doctors, saving peoples lives.

Our animation transformed our static graphics into a brilliant video that showed the juxtaposition of the objects, and importance of administration roles in a brilliant light. Paired with sound effects of typing, clicking and scrolling, the animation showed how these simple skills can make a big difference to an NHS Trust.


The Admin Recruitment Open Day was a success, with lots of people turning up to the event on the day, University Hospitals Bristol and Weston were holding interviews for roles to candidates who had sent across their CV before their event and were able to give 60 job offers out on the day!

The campaign also produced learnings and legacy materials that could be repurposed and promoted again when the event is repeated.

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