It’s time to get workplace recycling sorted.

Already the best in the UK for domestic recycling and third best in the world, Wales is taking another important step towards reaching zero waste and tackling climate emergency, with the ambition to become global number one in recycling.

From 6th April 2024 the law changed making it mandatory for all businesses and public organisations to sort their waste for recycling. The ‘Workplace of Wales. Let’s Get it Sorted’ campaign aimed to inform all businesses.

The second objective is to engage; and we did that with a simple rallying cry – Let’s Get it Sorted! Immediately this feels less like a dictate from above, and more like something we are doing together for the benefit of everyone in Wales.

Our Approach

Our brief was to create a public information and awareness campaign to inform business owners and workplaces of the imminent law change and to educate them on what they need to do to prepare. The campaign needed to be eye-catching and adaptable for different industries and workplaces, as well as working across a broad range of media, from TVC to radio advertising, targeted digital advertising, and strategically placed OOH and press advertising.

Wales is famous for being a proud nation. So, in order to engage with workplaces of Wales and encourage them to adopt a proactive attitude towards the workplace legislation we needed to tap into this national pride. Welsh industry is made up of powerful and diverse businesses, charities and public sector organisations that contribute towards a strong Welsh economy. We wanted to harness this national pride by communicating that whether you’re a one-man band, an independent or a large corporation, everyone has the power to make a difference, working towards a greener stronger economy that they can be proud of.  This culminated in a national rallying cry ‘Workplaces of Wales. Let’s get recycling sorted.’

Brought to life by showing each sector doing their bit and working towards a greener Wales, with each execution capturing the individuality and character of Welsh industry in a quirky and patriotic way. The advert also educates people on the various waste streams and bins that can be used and our audience were directed to a campaign landing page to find important guidance and support.


Our three core objectives for this campaign were based on awareness, preparedness and support for the law change.

We met our primary targets, reaching 80% awareness amongst businesses (SMEs) for the new workplace recycling legal changes, as well as 80% of businesses feeling they were informed of what they needed to do to prepare for the upcoming law. We also maintained support amongst our business audience, with 75% remaining in favour of the law, rising to 81% for those who work in the Public and Third sector which make up a large proportion of the workplaces in Wales.



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