Playing my Part – Royal Voluntary Service

Our client, Royal Voluntary Service, was looking for more volunteers of all ages, genders, cultures and backgrounds. The ‘Playing My Part’ campaign celebrates all the unique talents, experiences and expertise that RVS volunteers bring. The aim was to inspire others to get involved through learning about the breadth of opportunities using true stories and showcasing the difference they make to people’s lives, including their own. Recent research shows that because of volunteering, 86% of Royal Voluntary Service volunteers feel a strong sense of connection to their community, 78% say volunteering boosts their confidence and 79% state that volunteering improves their mental health.

Our Approach
We showcased a broad spectrum of people who already volunteer for RVS in this campaign to change perceptions of who can volunteer. RVS has positions suited towards any skill sets, experiences, personalities and perspectives, inspiring anyone who wants to help play their part to volunteer.

For our ‘Playing My Part’ campaign we wanted to showcase the individuals who already volunteer their time and ‘play their part’ for RVS. We found people from many walks of life and roles within RVS, who all have different motivations behind why they spend their time volunteering. The style of photography captured in a studio setting with four different coloramas frame the bright and positive personalities, together with genuine quotes to bring these stories to life.

The campaign helped to break down stereotypes about volunteering and illustrated the wide range of roles available, appealing to a broader audience and inspiring more people to volunteer.

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