Renting Homes Act

As part of our wider contract for Housing & Homelessness with the Welsh Government, this campaign’s aim was to raise awareness of the changes made in the Renting Homes Act 2016. This was the largest change to housing law in Wales for decades which improves how we rent, manage, and live in rented homes in Wales.  The main aim was to ensure landlords were aware of their new responsibilities under the Act and tenants were knowledgeable of these changes through an accessible campaign.

Plan of Action

We first identified that Rent Smart Wales was the key way of reaching and informing all landlords of the changes made in the Act . Using information from Rent Smart Wales, we were able to produce a content plan and monthly e-shots to guide landlords through the upcoming law changes and what they needed to do to prepare.

Another part of this campaign was to ensure that stakeholders like estate agents and housing authorities could share information on the Act. The accessibility of this information was important to us and the client so our ‘stakeholder toolkit’ consisted of braille, large format and was provided in ten additional languages so that the information was available to everyone who needed it!

The Creative Approach

The target for the TV Ad and Hero film was to lead the audience from the front door of a home, creating a comfortable homely feel. Stills from this were then transferred to use across our digital and printed media and stakeholder toolkit assets to ensure recognisability across all platforms.

Being one of the three parts of a wider Housing and Homelessness contract meant that having a unifying element to the campaign was important. A clear presentation of an overall objective to integrate the parts of this contract were paramount: Working together for a safe home for all.

The implementation date was changed from July 15th to December 1st, which gave us the opportunity to learn what information landlords and renters may still require and to respond to any gaps we identify through social listening, surveys and feedback!

The Results

With the main campaign only having launched a few weeks ago, we are looking forward to seeing the results in the coming months!

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