Ready to learn

Helping parents prepare their children for their first day at school.

Our brief was to create a campaign for the Welsh Government to inform parents about what their children should be able to do before they start school, to help them settle in quickly, make friends, and start learning—addressing the fact there is actually very little information available to parents on this subject at all.

A significant milestone

Our first day at school is a significant milestone in life—and one that manages to be both exciting and a little frightening for both parents and children – it can be an emotional moment. How we choose to raise our children is subjective and a delicate area and the way children develop and the pace of their development is different from child to child. So we needed to handle this brief sensitively. So we chose to give helpful tips and suggestions that parents might try and to inform them about some basic requirements that would be helpful for the child and the teacher.

We felt film would be an effective way of delivering the messages and that using animation would give us the flexibility to get our many ideas across. The upbeat and dynamic storyboard designs were well received by the client, and we chose a voice over for the animated film which would provide a natural match for this aesthetic when delivering the script—conveying the messages in a fun and engaging way.

The film is currently on the ‘education begins at home’ website, and we produced a range of support materials to help promote the initiative.