Income Maximisation

Thousands of families across Wales aren’t accessing benefits available

According to research, the main reasons behind those not claiming financial support are that they are unaware of what is available to them, as well as believing they are not entitled to it. They are also likely to think that it’s not worth their effort to go through the complex administrative process involved in making a claim (‘the welfare maze’), also worrying it may affect other benefits they already receive.

Our brief from Welsh Government, in partnership with Advicelink Cymru, was to create and deliver a national integrated campaign to encourage more people across Wales to check and claim the benefits they could be entitled to, maximising their income when they most it need.

Our key target audiences for this campaign included:

  • Families and citizens in Wales with a low income, also living in ‘hotspot’ deprivation areas
  • People who are now in financial difficulty due to COVID-19
  • Bystanders, those close to someone that is eligible for benefits who could encourage them to claim

In order to reach such a wide audience, our strategy was to share and promote the campaign across a variety of media channels, which included digital (PPC on display and search, social media), digital radio/ Spotify, press and a pilot leaflet drop to ‘hotspot’ deprivation areas. We also created a partner toolkit including ready to use campaign assets which was shared with stakeholders and partners to amplify the reach of the campaign.

After testing the campaign creative with over 25 key stakeholders, we developed a ‘hero film’ for the campaign, as well as three supporting hub films. The hero film key message was very clear; Thousands of people across Wales are entitled to more benefits, are you missing out?  It was important that we used a positive and supportive tone of voice across all communications, so to encourage our audience to join and claim what’s rightfully theirs. It was also important to emphasise how easy and simple it can be to claim benefits, especially with Advicelink Cymru team’s support. The three hub films focussed on specific scenarios including Universal Credit, pensions and post-COVID support.

Getting more people to claim what they are entitled to:

–  Nearly 46,000 visits to the campaign website (2,290% of target of 2,000 visits)

–  1,162 phone calls (21% increase from previous month)

–  An additional £651,504 was claimed as a result of the campaign.

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