Y Gegin

University Hospital of Wales restaurant brand identity

We were asked to create a new identity to help promote “Y Gegin”—a new restaurant located at the heart of University Hospital of Wales. The objective was to design and develop a logo for the restaurant, in addition to designing new branding and signage. The challenge was to create a brand, which would be visible throughout the hospital, while attracting staff, and other potential customers, to the exciting new restaurant.

The kitchen

We realised that “Y Gegin” was unique amongst the other food retailers at the hospital, and this guided our thinking in terms of creating a strapline and key proposition. This was due to the fact that the new restaurant promised customers freshly cooked healthy meals, in addition to the sandwiches and cakes you might expect.

The name “Y Gegin”, which translates to “The Kitchen” in English, was chosen by the restaurant staff, to reflect its hearty food, the warm and cosy environment, and its convenient central location. We took inspiration from this when forming our key proposition: “Healthy food in the heart of your hospital”. This then provided us with the inspiration we needed to design a logo symbolising the “The Kitchen”. We chose an inviting style which reflected the restaurant’s welcoming atmosphere.

Another challenge that we needed to address involved making “Y Gegin” easier to find—due to the restaurant being located at the centre of the hospital and not near to the main entrance. We solved this problem by utilising a combination of striking design and strategic signage to whet the appetites of prospective customers and point them in the right direction—enticing visitors and staff to pay a visit to the exciting new restaurant.

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