USW Launch USW Launch

What will you do?

The launch of a new brand, the University of South Wales.

Our brief was to launch a new brand for the University of South Wales— which came about through a merger between The University of Glamorgan and Newport University. The client wanted a cinema advert that would raise awareness across the whole of Wales, the South West of England, and throughout the Midlands, and make people sit up, watch and remember the name, University of South Wales.

Although the news of the merger between the two universities was well know locally; outside South Wales, people looking for a University place, were unlikely to know about the merger, and probably would not recognise the name of the new University.

Working with our good friends at Aspect Film and Video, we developed the idea and a film style, that would appeal to our core target audience of 16 to 17 year olds, and also our secondary audience, their parents, and other influencers. Our challenge then was to identify an actor with the strength to deliver, who was recognisable, and also who had some connections with South Wales. We chose Ioan Gruffudd, born in Cardiff, and made world famous for his roles in successful television dramas and an assortment of blockbuster films. Ioan agreed to take part in the filming project, and although he was flown over from his home in Los Angeles on a very tight time schedule, the film was completed in good time with the impressive results the client was looking for.

Our campaign successfully raised awareness about the brand new university, while reaching out to prospective students and encouraging them to enroll .