Vintage Tea Party

Fundraising for the community

As a charity raising money to support the needs of the day, Royal Voluntary Service encourage a number of fundraising activities to bring in donations, their most popular of which is the Vintage Tea Party. Having run this popular activity for a few years to great success, Royal Voluntary Service came to us looking for a little brand refresh – a new design for an information pack full of promotional materials to help volunteers raise as much money as possible.

A spoonful of sugar

Based on what had worked so well before, we created a brand new, bright and eye-catching design for the Vintage Tea Party, working to incorporate more of Royal Voluntary Service’s brand for increased brand awareness beyond the campaign. As part of the fundraising pack we worked to create a number of new and stimulating materials to help hosts maximise their fundraising efforts, whilst having a lot of fun at the same time.

It was very important to us that we not only advertise the Vintage Tea Party as a fundraising idea, but also an engaging and fun event which volunteers can get excited about hosting!