University Hospitals Bristol and Weston Recruitment Website

A new, public-facing recruitment website for one of the UK’s largest NHS Trusts.

In September 2019 we launched a brand-new recruitment website for University Hospitals Bristol and Weston NHS Foundation Trust.

The idea was simple, the task large: Bring a fresh new public-facing look to the Trust and improve the experience and success of recruitment across all areas. At the time the Trust had a number of different microsites live, with a variety of roles being advertised, from Estates, Nursing and Radiology. So, the aim was to combine all of these live microsites and bring them under one umbrella site, as well as adding in the sectors that weren’t previously being made available.

User functionality was at the heart of how the new website should work, and that begins with a clean, but eye-catching homepage – one that quickly and clearly signposts each visitor to where they need to get to.

From there, users can easily and seamlessly navigate the site, and always find their way back to the main menu with a click of a button.

When considering the user experience, number of pages on a website is one of the most important things to think about. Websites containing tens of pages can feel cluttered, and pages can quickly become forgotten and host out-of-date information. We wanted the new careers website to be as lean as possible.

At the start of the process we organised focus groups with the recruitment leads at UHBW, with the outcome being that the website is to be as streamlined as possible, making the pages easily digestible, rather than the text heavy NHS recruitment websites that are out there. To do this we used a combination of electronic ‘flipbooks’, case studies, blog content and hero films, making information easily accessible – varied and of interest, without filling the website with copy.

As well as the website framework, we wanted to ensure that all the content that the candidates needed was accessible to users. We ensured that the website joined up with the live feed from the NHS Trac service, ensuring of all information on current vacancies and the job listings fed through onto this careers website. This means that users can start a job application with only a couple of clicks, rather than having to visit a separate website first, and that the careers data will always be up to date.

Beyond the vacancies and the Trust information, we also wanted the website to house information that would be useful to the candidates, outside of the working remit. By having information on the website from all things, housing, transport, schools and even videos around eating out, we wanted to provide the candidate with all the information they could need about deciding on whether to join the Trust, if they don’t live in the area currently.

Not only that but we wanted to ensure this information was engaging and interactive for the audience, from 360 degree videos centred around shopping, eating and sightseeing in Bristol, to a bespoke map of Bristol being created, to show the candidate the sights of Bristol, but also providing them with an understanding of the area and how the Trust sits within the city of Bristol.

The final essential piece of the puzzle was to ensure that the website is fulfilling its purpose and that the website was designed and scoped with the central idea of needing to analyse the traffic and interactions/conversions that come through any organic or paid for promotion.

Website stats to date (as of 29.04.20)

Users: 25,184
Page Views: 130,488
Pages/Session: 3.46
Bounce Rate: 43.27%
Goal Conversion Rate: 68.65%