Tom Dick or Harriet Tom Dick or Harriet


Raising awareness of TrustMark’s

Our job was to create a campaign which would reach out to consumers and tradespeople in Wales informing them of the benefits of TrustMark – a Government endorsed mark of quality designed to connect consumers with approved tradespeople.

We understood very quickly that one of the most appealing things about TrustMark was the clear benefits it could provide for both consumers and tradespeople. Consumers want someone they can trust, and tradespeople understand that quality approval can bring them more business.

The name TrustMark became a great asset when it came to formulating the creative ideas. At the time, the name lacked public awareness, but by combining the name with the well-known saying “Don’t Trust any Tom, Dick, or Harry”, the line and concept “Don’t Trust any Tom, Dick, or Harriet… TrustMark” was developed.

The campaign increased awareness and traffic to the TrustMark website, with a combination of catchy online animations, banners, press, social media, and the use of professional networks such as LinkedIn.

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