All East. All Welcome

Barts Health Sexual Health Services.


Our brief was to develop an overall brand for the newly formed integrated Barts Health Sexual Health services; bringing together services from Barts Health, East London Foundation Trust and North East London Foundation Trust into one unified service.

Bart’s was looking for a unique brand identity with a vibrant look and feel, working with the newly agreed name for the service; All East, while reflecting the service, values and aims connected to the Barts NHS Trust brand.

Friendly & Approachable

Based in such a diverse, multicultural area, the All East branding needed to be relevant and, above all, inclusive. It needed to be accessible and appealing to young and old of either sex, to people from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, many of whom will have very different attitudes to the subject of sexual health.

With this in mind we developed a brand that was fresh, clear and approachable in style and content, while incorporating All East’s visual and verbal identity, through design and tone of voice which would reflect the service’s trusted expertise while also being friendly and inclusive.

All Welcome. All East.

For us simplicity felt key in making the All East brand both memorable and wide-reaching. The repetition of ‘All’ really driving the sense of inclusivity we were trying to capture. The brand visual identity we created to represent the All East services were likewise kept simple: the use of icons such as the speech bubble and plus sign for example, represent the friendliness and the inclusiveness of the service, which is also reflected on the use of bright colours an open, honest tone of voice.

The All East’s brand was very well received by key stakeholders . We are currently rolling this out, along with the promotion of the new brand as well as sexual health awareness campaigns in London.