Love Life, Love Bristol

A campaign to recruit experienced Nurses to Bristol.

Our brief was to help University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust to recruit more nurses, and to create an advertising campaign, which would not only sell the many benefits that come with working at the NHS Foundation Trust, but also highlight the fact that Bristol is a fantastic place to live and work.

Love Life, Love Bristol.

We developed a campaign line that we felt would capture the essence of Bristol as a great City and appeal to nurses who love the nursing life…. “Love Life, Love Bristol.”

Our aim was to give this campaign a unique and local feel, so we commissioned an illustrator, Phil West to produce a number of images, which would capture the work at the trust, and the spirit of the city of Bristol.


We wanted to choose an illustrator who was well known in the city, and Phil West , who designed the Bristol pound note was perfect.

University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust employs over 8000 people and is one of the largest Trusts in the country and is the leading teaching and research centre for the South West. With its cutting edge services such as cardiac surgery, and bone marrow transplantation, in addition to its well-known children’s hospital— UHBristol has earned an international reputation, and its services are in demand across the UK.

We have helped the hospital to recruit people for various posts—from dentists, to doctors, to cleaners, all the way up to the chief executive.

The ‘Love Life, Love Bristol’ campaign continues to be successful in its aim to achieve stand out in a crowded nurse recruitment market. Receiving plaudits from other NHS Trusts who aspire to do similar.