Positivity, potential & ambition

After what felt like the longest January in history, and with yet another lockdown, we finally approached February with a new sense of positivity, potential and ambition.

So far in 2021 we’ve had not one…not two…but three (!) new people joining our great team.

Jo, our new Senior Account Exec with lots of experience of media planning and buying, will be supporting our account handling team in Bristol. “I really love how welcoming the team have been, and it sounds cheesy, but I can already see that SBW really are ‘for the good stuff’, which is super important to me. It’s never easy starting a new job – let alone in a pandemic – so it was a little nerve-wracking to begin with, but I couldn’t have asked for a more supportive and considerate bunch!”

Tamarin, our new Senior Designer will be strengthening our studio team with extensive experience of developing creative campaigns for big agencies in South Africa. “My first month at SBW has been an educational introduction into brands of the UK. Coming from South Africa, a country with 11 official languages, I have enjoyed the Welsh Government’s bilingual ads. My new teammates have been welcoming and warm via teams, many smiley emoticons later. I’m most looking forward to flexing my creativity for all of our amazing clients and getting familiar with our office location in Clifton.”

Caitlin, our new Junior Designer will be supporting our studio team, putting into practice all the knowledge she gained from her degree at UWE. “I’ve had a great first month at SBW so far – everyone has been so friendly and supportive, and even though we’ve all been working remotely we’re all really well connected. I’ve developed my skills so much so quickly – it’s great to have the opportunity to learn on the job too.”

We have been incredibly busy since we have been back in January, with ongoing campaigns as well as getting a few ready to go live this March! It’s been ‘all engines go’ with lots of planning, creative development and production, including market testing and filming three TV adverts (all following COVID-19 safety guidelines of course). It’s all for national, proper good stuff campaigns – which will have a positive impact in this world!

Hidden Homelessness

Our Hidden Homelessness campaign for Welsh Government and Shelter Cymru went live again this month, and for the second year we are raising awareness of this issue in Wales, which has been significantly aggravated due to COVID-19. Our aim has been to help encourage young people get the support they need. The campaign has been digital-led, with a combination of PPC and social media. We have also worked with WalesOnline on editorial-led content which really helps amplify the reach of the campaign, especially in social media channels:

Talk Valleys

We have also been busy with our Talk Valleys campaign – interviewing Ministers and people who have directly benefited from the Valleys Taskforce initiatives, which has really helped to bring the campaign to life. With a Facebook paid campaign to promote awareness, a new campaign landing page and lots of production work, we are ready and raring to go as we move into the final weeks of the campaign.

Proud moments

We couldn’t be prouder as an agency and can’t wait to share more about campaigns going live next month.

Last year we won two awards for our Hidden Homelessness TV campaign for Welsh Government and Shelter Cymru – both Gold and Bronze! Due to COVID-19 the awards ceremony couldn’t take place, but at the end of January, the awards finally arrived in the post and they now have pride of place in our office! Check them out!