Frights for the whole family ? – A look into some of the UK’s best Halloween ads

Last year, Tesco had huge success with their Spookermarket campaign, which featured a Tesco supermarket filled with booby traps and spooky scenery. Following the positive reaction of last year, their newest creation is a fun filled brand delivery van, guaranteed to give anyone daring enough to approach it a rather unexpected little fright.

There’s something about the way Tesco have combined scary and funny which has had a hugely shareable impact on their campaigns. They took a bit of a risk when they started down this road, but they’ve pulled it off spectacularly.

Asda “Do Halloween your way”

It can be quite rare that we see a story with such an insight into a child’s point of view. This Year’s Halloween campaign by Asda provides the perspective of a little boy/werewolf who wants to dress up as something else.

The video embodies the emotional journey of a kid dressing up as the same thing every year through a whimsical metaphor, positioning Asda as the vehicle to resolve this monotony through their affordable costumes range.

All of this is positioned around giving people the freedom to “Do Halloween your way” which speaks to parents as if to say ‘it’s okay, we’ve got you covered’.

Giffgaff – The music box

Getting well and truly into the Halloween spirit, giffgaff have kept the audience hanging for as long as possible in this eerie nightmare scenario. The entire ad is an enticing roller coaster, with so much action and uncertainty that by the time the audience see the cheesy joke, and realise they’ve been had, they can’t help but crack a smile for the crafty tricksters.

Sainsburys Halloween box

Like the Tesco campaign, Sainsburys have taken a real life approach. Here we see an endearing look into the children’s dressing up box, populated with all of the costume options available at Sainsburys. The children gingerly pick apart the offerings, quickly becoming immersed in the experience and giving the audience some extremely insightful tips into the ins and outs of trick or treating.

It would seem that this year, we have been treated to some values closer to our hearts in the UK. Halloween is about the children, and the nation’s retailers have done a fantastic job of reminding us all of that. Heart-warming, family centric campaigns are sure to strike a chord with even the most cold-hearted viewers. Except for the ghouls themselves, that is.

From everybody here at SBW, we wish you all a happy Halloween, and an unprecedented amount of sweets!