Being an intern at SBW

My name is Maia, I am a third-year student studying Advertising Design at the University of South Wales. Previously this year I had met Richard, Head of Client Services and Leticia, the Managing Director, who visited my class to speak about SBW and the Advertising industry.

My experience at SBW

I approached SBW asking for an internship as they seemed like a friendly and exciting agency, which I now know from experience is true!

On my first day I was warmly welcomed by all of the Cardiff office team. Each team member took time to talk with me about myself, my interests, and their role within the company. From the offset I felt welcome and involved in the team.

Over the last few weeks, I have learnt a lot and experienced many new things, which I believe will help me as I start my career after university. One particularly interesting element was social listening in which I completed research tasks to aid the strategy writing process. Before my internship this was a term I’d not come across before.

During my second week, I was asked to join some of the team on a content shoot for one of the campaigns. My role was to take some behind the scenes photos to share on social media and it was interesting to see how shoot days are planned and executed. Despite the typical Welsh weather, the shoot was successful and an informative experience for me. It was good to see how changes are professionally dealt with if rain changes initial plans!

Throughout my time with SBW I have been given tailored tasks to my interests but also experienced some of the account handling process. As social media is a key interest of mine, I was given multiple research, analysis, and creative based tasks across social channels for different clients.

I have found it interesting to see the range of tasks each role entails, and how they differ, depending on the agency. The advice and support I have been given is valuable and beneficial as I start my career in advertising.

It has been great to meet so many new faces, who I hope to keep in touch with as I finish my studies and begin my career.