Protecting Your World

Brief: A website and film to launch C6 Intelligence’s new service and raise awareness identity fraud.

The bright people at C6 Intelligence decided to develop a new system allowing anybody to see if their identity has been stolen online—through Our job was to create a new brand around this, design a new website for them, and produce a short video to highlight what they do, and how they do it.


C6 created their new system in response to the fact that up to half a million cases of identity fraud occur each year.

We started by taking an in-depth look at the data security market, and then began working closely with C6, to develop a customer facing website, which would enable anyone to type in their email address, and find out if their identity has been taken. It was vital to pay close attention to the user experience of the website—making it as easy to navigate as possible. We also developed an online animated film to raise awareness and promote the new service provided by C6 through the new website, using a combination of simple graphics, and a friendly, yet direct script, in order to get the message across in an impactful, yet approachable way.

The website is now live, and is a very useful tool if you need to find out if any of your details have been compromised—providing you with a free way to see if your details are up for sale online. It charges a small fee if you need to see what exactly has been stolen. If you would like us to do something similar for your business please feel free to contact us.


Since the inception of the new website, and the animation, we have met C6’s expectations, and have seen a steady flow traffic and clicks on the website. Check out the website we created with C6 at