Protecting your World

 A new website and advertising campaign.

Our brief was to design a brand new website for this specialist security service and retail provider based on the Cayman Islands. The Security Centre is part of a larger company known as Security Centres International Limited, which also has branches in the Bahamas and Bermuda. The client, who had last upgraded their website four years ago, wanted a site that would sit above their competitors around the world and work for them on search engines to ultimately drive sales.

Protecting Your World

The security market is complex, so we were meticulous when it came to making sure we fully understood the full scope of the company’s products and services for homeowners and businesses, so that we could communicate this information to the consumer in the clearest and most engaging way possible. Our goal was to make a website which would not only simplify this technical information to make things as easy as possible for the consumer—but would do something even better, by turning it into an engaging story, which would lead the consumer on a journey through the products and services. This also led us to develop a brand-new strapline: ‘The Security Centre, Protecting Your World.’

We started the process, by researching competitor sites and looking at how we might simplify the consumer journey on the site, to two or no more than three clicks!

Also, to capture everything that is unique about the client, we produced a short film to sit on the home page and would also appear on local TV.

We successfully created a brand new website, an animation, in addition to other media, while helping to transform the brand image of TSCL.