An ant in the city

I was having a peaceful agency-free morning when Simon answered my application to do a placement. ‘We will consider you’, he said. I couldn’t believe it! All my work was finally paying off.

So this optimistic ant made its way to the 12th floor of that massive building in the heart of Bristol. I was so excited and nervous. My writing and creative skills had been tested on many occasions in many different journalism environments, but not that many times in an authentic advertising atmosphere and in my second language.

During my time in the agency I had the chance to face difficult briefs, practice my copywriting skills and even create and execute the social media strategy of the agency itself. I even developed my design skills creating some of my own illustrations on Adobe Illustrator CC which was a new experience!

This is all thanks to the staff at SBW who made me feel like I had been a part of team for years! They are such a bunch of experienced, versatile and hardworking people – I promise they didn’t bribe me to say this!

This opportunity has really helped me to put both of my feet firmly in the door of advertising, which has been really important as it’s often so difficult to get that first look into the industry.

I’m not the professional that I want to become yet, but this experience helps this ant to make its way along the right path. So thanks very much! I can say SBW is definitely full of good stuff!

See you all on the way!

Melany Dominguez Ruiz