On my first day, I was greeted by the friendly, positive team who are welcoming to whomever who walks through their office door, which made a typical day working here that much more enjoyable.

As a second year graphic design student currently at University, I’m really encouraged by SBW’s work, which is the reason I was keen to learn more about their agency during my University break. I couldn’t visualise exactly where I would be able to ‘squeeze in’ – with what little experience I had – but within minutes of arriving, I found the environment both exciting and rewarding to be a part of.

Prior to the start of the week, I thought I’d be given the responsibility to manage just a number of very small tasks in order to get to grips with how SBW work with their clients. Contrary to this preconception however, it was a mixture of these small responsibilities along with larger, more ambitious projects that confirmed my passion for wanting to work in advertising. I’ve had the opportunity to experiment with photography, print and web design through the week and learn more about working in a professional, client-focussed studio.

My time here has taught me the kinds of qualities are required to work within an advertising agency and what personal goals I can work on from here. Most importantly, I’m much more informed of what steps to take to help my own design practice mature towards the ever-changing creative industry.

To thank SBW for offering me this fantastic opportunity, I came in this Friday with homemade chocolate fridge cake, which seemed to go down really well!