A wise friend once told me “It’s better to be at the bottom of a ladder you want to be on, than half way up one you don’t”. So, naturally, after graduating from Cardiff University (Business Management and Marketing), I completely ignored this advice and jumped straight on a ladder I had never even considered before.

To be fair to me, I’d had a tough couple of months. During my final year exam period, my boyfriend contracted mumps and very kindly passed it onto me. The result: we got to spend weeks in bed eating ice-cream and watching Disney films (doctor’s orders) whilst our peers swatted and stressed and sat exams. Then came the bad news. I had to spend my summer revising and sitting exams whilst everyone else graduated and clogged my Facebook news feed with photos of their exotic travels.

After panicking that I had missed out on the graduate job rush, I quickly applied for a Recruitment Sales job and was offered the job on the spot during the interview. Well I couldn’t say no could I? However, as the days progressed, I remembered my old friend’s advice, took the plunge, and left with the aim of pursuing the career I had always wanted. An email to SBW Advertising and a couple of interview/chats later, and here I am embarking upon my first work experience in an industry I have always aspired to be part of: Advertising!

At last, my foot is on the first rung of my chosen ladder.

Francesca X