We have worked with The Morgan Quarter shopping centre in Cardiff for a couple of years now and this year we worked with them on a special memories project. Our role, at SBW, is to help promote The Morgan Quarter, we run and promote a number of events through the year and manage their social media channels.

The unique features of The Morgan Quarter are the two historic Arcades which are home to many independent retailers as well as some global brands. The arcades first opened at the end of the 19th century and over the last 117 years have been a popular shopping destination.  We are always thinking of new ideas to promote The Morgan Quarter and the memories project came about by us wanting to share the history it holds. We wondered about the many people who had shopped, worked and used the arcades over the years, which is why we advertised and asked the public to share their personal stories with us. After receiving so many memories our inspiration was developed by film maker Liana Stewart, and the project took off. We had nearly 100 people come forward with their personal memories and experiences of the shopping arcades, and from these we chose five for the film project.

Graham Gaskin, Jamie Castle, Judi Ashley, Mary Chinn and Sue Hall were the final five and each of their individual stories brought an exciting and interesting memory about The Morgan Quarter. The documentaries were premiered on Made In Cardiff Tv’s What’s Occurin’ programme after our launch and private screening for those involved at The Morgan Quarter.

We loved working with The Morgan Quarter on this project and we learnt so much about Cardiff and the history the arcades hold! If you didn’t catch the documentaries on Made In Cardiff TV you can watch them on The Morgan Quarter’s YouTube channel here – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2P3YBAiEC83H4pb4KPlq_g