At SBW all these things we call “for the Good Stuff.”

Meet the team

We set up in 2004, and since then, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading integrated advertising and marketing agencies in Wales and the South West. How have we achieved that? Well it’s partly through hard work but largely because we have such a fantastic team of people who are dedicated to doing a great job. Always.


Managing Director

My job is to support the team so they deliver a brilliant service. I play an active role working with clients and pitching for new business. I have three children, my wife is a primary school teacher, and I love most sports, including golf!

Keeping the show on the road.
Rousing the team with a fresh cuppa every 30 mins.


Client Services Director

Originally from Brazil, I’m now firmly rooted in Cardiff where I head up our frankly brilliant account handling team. I love walking in the mountains and am addicted to Instagram, where you’ll find pictures of my husband, my baby son Tiago, and my budgie Stewie.

Spends 80% of the day dancing, and encouraging clients to do the same.


Account Director

I lead our team in Bristol as Account Director. I am a massive foodie, and my northern heritage means that gravy is an obligatory addition to most meals, but I also have a weakness for all things Italian, so no surprises where I’ll be off to on my holidays!

Possibly from the Midlands.
World-renowned expert on the many shapes and forms of the Yorkshire pudding.


Creative Director

I manage our lovely creative team at SBW, working on everything from simple recruitment ads, to pitching for full blown advertising campaigns. In my spare time I love to explore cities, climb mountains, swim in the sea, and to sample cider with friends.

Has invented a new language that can only be understood by creatives and gifted marsupials.


Finance Manager

My main role at SBW is to look after the Finances along with all HR and Facilities duties. When I’m not in the office I am usually found at a fitness class, trying to sing in a pop choir, cooking or planning my next travels.

A total fitness fanatic.
Can shatter wine glasses with voice.



I’m a Graphic Designer passionate about great design and illustration, and am now using my skills in the creative team at SBW! I love travelling and exploring new places, meeting up with friends over a beer, and coming up with experiments in the kitchen!

Can make a dish out of anything at any time.
Has a special license allowing her to ride a jet powered bicycle on UK motorways.


Senior Account Executive

I graduated from Cardiff University with a BSc in Business Management and Marketing. I began my career at SBW helping out with social media, and now I’m a Senior Account Executive. I live in Magor, and enjoy baking, gymnastics classes, and Harry Potter re-runs!

Used to sprint around parks with a broomstick—perfecting the art of flying.
Easily transitioned to martial arts movies with her gymnastic skills.



I’m a Graphic Designer here at SBW, working with the creative team, to make sure that all the work coming out of the studio looks as wonderful as can be! I like checking out exhibitions, going out with friends, eating sushi from conveyor belts and exploring new cities.

Often pauses in freeze-frame, cueing the sound of an 80s synth-pop track.
Once overtook Chris Froome while riding a unicycle.


Account Executive

Originally from the South Wales Valleys, I ventured out for three years to study English at Loughborough University. Now I’m Account Executive at SBW! I enjoy exploring new places, going out with friends, and am an occasional singer in the Trio Serin.

Spoken Welsh sounds really cool. The end.
Can produce a high note with her singing voice which can shatter windows.



As a designer, I form part of the creative team at SBW. I’ve always been passionate about good design, and now I’m putting my skills to use within an agency setting. When I am not designing, I love camping, and heading off to the Alps in the winter!

On camping trips, she will only stay in Indian Teepees made from woodland materials.
Did the entire Vallée Blanche on a wooden sledge—backwards.


Junior Account Executive

After sailing through my A-levels, I started on an apprenticeship here at SBW as part of the lovely Account Handling team. I’m a huge foodie, and in my spare time, I love going out for drinks or going to gigs with friends, exploring cities, and hitting the gym!

Food and fitness fanatic.
Travels to and from our Bristol office via unexplainable airborne flight with a whooshing sound.



After graduating from the University of Surrey with an MA in Creative Writing, and a screenplay for my dissertation, I joined the fantastic creative team at SBW! I like running, surfing, tennis, catching up with friends, and taking in ideas from books, films, and music.

Begins talking in rhyming verse after 4 cups of coffee.
Walks quickly to the sound of fast piano playing.


Account Executive

After a spell in the retail industry, I decided to turn my attention to marketing, to revisit all the things I had covered during my degree! I’m now an Account Executive at SBW working alongside the Bristol team.

Runs away from teapots and coffee grinders with great fear.
Possesses an unlimited supply of stress balls.


Freelance Web Designer

I’m a freelance web designer but have been dealing with all things ‘webby’ for SBW since they set up. Working freelance, I tend to work more than play, but on the odd occasion I do take time out, you might find me trying my luck at the casino or meeting up with friends for a beer or two.

Bases the ingredients of his next meal on what fruit and veg appears after three goes on a slot machine.