Online fraud in the UK has increased 60% in the last 5 years according to recently released crime figures. This equates to over half a million cases of fraud in just one year! It seems CCTV cameras, bulletproof glass and alarm bells may protect your bank but online these security measures help very little. That’s why the clever people at C6 came up with a system which would allow people to see whether their online identity has been compromised. Using the tool you can then use the information to act on this information by changing passwords, closing accounts or even to find out why recently you may have been declined credit.

C6 Intelligence were looking for some intelligent marketing so they came to SBW and we were happy to oblige of course! C6 already supply the world’s leading organisations and data distributors with risk intelligence on individuals, companies and geographical locations. However they lacked a consumer facing version of the product, so C6 came up with Our job was to create a brand around this, design a website for them and produce a short video to highlight what they do and how they do it. Take a look and whilst you are there why not see if your identity has been stolen at

We looked at the user journey, the data security market and working with C6 created a customer facing site which enabled people to type in their email address and find out whether their identity/data has been stolen.  The site is now live and is a great tool to see if any of your details have been compromised. You can find out for free if any of your details are for sale online! Then find out which elements have been stolen by paying a small fee.

Check out the website now at and see if we could help your business by doing something similar for you!