Over the last few months we have been working with our client, City of Bristol College, to plan and implement a campaign to promote all their courses. The College offers over 1,000 courses, from BTECs and A Levels for the School Leavers to professional work related courses for adults looking to advance in their careers, including hobby courses like pottery and gardening.

A targeted approach

With so many courses that could appeal to anyone in the Bristol area, our challenge was to develop a campaign that would effective engage with a varied audience. Our approach was to identify and target specific groups with a relevant message and creative to each:  1) school leavers, 2)  and career advancers, and 3) anyone interested in learning a new skill or hobby.

The campaign pushed a combination of inspirational messages around learning skills for life as well as strong call to actions encouraging our target groups to attend open evening events or to enrol now.

This was a truly integrated campaign using a variety of media including local press, local radio, Spotify, social media and strategically placed outdoor, cinema and leisure centre advertising;. The chances are if you live in Bristol or the surrounding areas you’ll have seen or heard our adverts at some point!

Outdoor: M32 48sheet and bus stop 6sheets

M32 Outdoor

SBW038335 V2

Social media: Facebook adverts and sponsored events

Facebook 1 Facebook 2

Radio: Spotify and SamFM


Local Press: Bristol evening post and local magazines

Press 1
Press 2

Direct marketing: Leaflet handouts

Direct 1